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Frequently Asked Questions

We are actively specialised in recovering bad debts, be it corporate debts or personal debts. We understand our client’s situation of the bad debt and we offer prominent bad debt recovery solutions in such, making personal trips to debtor’s corporate & residential address to recover your debt. We are also capable of gathering information of your debtor’s whereabouts and to be diligent in handling them from the ground, making sure that they pay off the debt.

Yes, we are a licensed debt recovery company in which we handle debt recovery professionally. We assure high level confidentiality for our clients in which will not implicate our clients in any forms of handling. We are very confident in which we work by the guidelines that doesn’t break the law in any ways of recovering your debt, simultaneously, being an expertise in recovering your monies in the most effective and efficient way within the shortest period of time.

Because we are trained in all ways to recover bad debts and instead of chasing after the debtor incessantly which may disrupt your daily activities or your company’s operating system, why not outsource the job to our specialised team to supervise and monitor your bad debts payment for you so you can save the hassle and you would still get back your monies in a shorter time.

In a way or two, we practice more efficiency in other words, we are faster in recovering the bad debts compared to the other alternatives. Choosing to engage us would be more ideal way as it is far more cheaper than the legal process. We are more physically active in recovering the debt whereas the legal ways are more bounded with documentations processing in which might affect the consistency and thus, slowing the debt recovery process.

For both kinds of debt, the procedures would be the same. Tentatively, for corporate debts, we will put pressure onto the parties involved in the company with all the invoices/documents/statement of account in which the client has furnished us. We will also allocate our debt collectors to reach out to all individual director and shareholder.  Whereas, for a personal bad debt, we incur pressure onto the debtor by going for the debtor individually and the focusing on the debtor’s surroundings.

We approach your debtors in various ways unique to each individual and we will offer the debtor a few alternatives for them to weigh their options. This whole customized process will allow us to better understand your entire situation and handle your debtor in the most relevant and effective way, resulting to the highest chance or recovering your debt. Prior to engaging with your debtors, we put in effort to understand the history of your case and recognize the personality, characteristic and background of your debtor. We will incur pressure to the surroundings around your debtor so that he/she will have no other choices but to succumb to despair and pay off the debt. We will also discuss with our client to see if they are comfortable with a debt repayment scheme. And if our client is agreeable, we will proceed with the debt repayment scheme and of course, going through our in-house lawyer drafted documentations to make sure that the promise made between the debtor and us in repaying the debt has to be fulfilled.

Our team specialists have already so far achieved 88% success recovery rate. All cases are different and tailor-made solutions. However, we have to inform all clients that not all debts may necessarily be recovered fully due to circumstances such as death and bankruptcy.

For personal debt, you will need to furnish us the written IOUS or any forms of transaction. (Eg. TT Transaction, written cheque) / Text messages.  For corporate debts, all we need is your Statement of accounts/ invoices / bond certificate/ Bizfile. For corporate debts that has already went through court order, you may furnish us the court order as well for us to execute on the debt recovery procedure.

We will send status update reports to our clients weekly on the progression of the debt collection status via email/text messages/fax/phone calls (to our client’s preference). For corporate clients who sign up with us on subscription, we will present a update report on each individual debtor to you via spreadsheet or email.

Our charges go by an individual debt or multiple debts. If you are reaching out to us for personal debt on an individual basis, we charge based on an individual account. If you have multiple debts, we can negotiate a flat rate commission to collect on all of them. For both corporate/ personal bad debt, upon successful recovery, we will only retain our relevant portion of the amount in which we have recovered for you.

We aim to blow your mind by showcasing to you our capability to recover your funds in the shortest period of time and to proving to our clients that we can collect debts efficiently like no one else does. We look forward to end your stress and anxiety in which we are confident of lightening your load.

You can feel free to call us at 6255 8750 or write in to or through our online form here to speak to us regarding your bad debt. Alternatively, you may Whats-app us at 9144 5579 to schedule a private non-obligation discussion so we can share more of our experiences with you. You might want to prepare your documents of proof for us to vet through and let us guide you along our company’s standard operating procedure of recovering bad debts. We definitely have no qualms that you will be so impressed with our results that we will be the only debt recovery agency in which you / your company will engage.