Our Services


Personal Debt RecoveryPersonal bad debt with regards to written unpaid IOUS, broken promises from acquaintances or such, we are well trained to resolve the dispute and collect the bad debt for you with efficiency and also, in the shortest period of time.


Negotiation & MitigationWe do assist in negotiation when it comes to collection of bad debts. We also assist in doing a ground check of our debtor’s backgrounds and analysing the problem before tackling the problem. We skip trace on our debtor’s whereabouts for our debt recovering purposes.


Corporate Debt RecoveryWe are legally specialised in recovering corporate bad debts, and also providing confidentiality assurance for our clients. If your company has outstanding amounts that has yet to be recovered or that an account has already expired in which you have interest in collecting, we definitely offer a service to recover your outstanding accounts in the shortest period of time.

What happens if the debtor refuses to pay?

We approach your debtors in various ways unique to each individual. Prior to engaging with your debtors, we take the time to understand the history of your case and recognize the personality, characteristic and background of your debtor. This whole customized process will allow us to better understand your entire situation and handle your debtor in the most relevant and effective way, resulting to higher chance of recovering your debt.


What is the success rate of recovering debt?

Our team of specialists have been able to achieve approximately 88% recovery for our clients since operation. However, we have to inform all clients that not all debts may necessarily be recovered fully due to circumstances such as death, incapacity and bankruptcy.

Our Approach

Tactical Negotiation

Upon using the right approach and tactical ways, we make contracts with your debtors in which that we can enforce for them to pay promptly and that we will always be keeping track and monitoring their payments in such that they have no chance in defaulting payment. We have no doubt that you will be impressed with our remarkable debt recovery skills and prompt payments by your debtor.

No Obligation Debt Assessment

We are well capable of collecting every debt without the need for Court proceedings or enforcement action. However, you would have to explain the background of your debt to us to let us have a better understanding and to do a thorough case study on your bad debt before we were to proceed onto the next step.

Vast Network Of External Partners

We have a vast network of external Partners to locate debtors in all ways. For example, skip tracing, managing records of their new residing address etc. We extend our services of debt recovery to doing our ground check from various sources to justify the information in which we require for debt collection is on the right track.

Customized Reports And Live Updates

We will present to our Clients prompt updates efficiently upon ever decision that we have made and, also the progression of the recovery. We never fail to amaze our clients with the amount of effort and the results in which we can produce.

"No Debt Recovery, No Commission" Policy

We will only retain whatever that is we have recovered and in which we fail to do so, we will not have a share of what we have not recovered for you despite the amount of time and efforts we engaged in each, and every particular bad debt. So you can rest assured with us that our debt recovery specialist team will put in excessive efforts in recovering your debt to earn what they are best capable of doing.

Retrieval of personal belongings

We do provide additional services to help customers retrieve their personal belongings for example – Transferring of car ownership. If you have paid an amount to rightfully claim that it is under your procession but yet to receive it under your name, you can approach us for our fast efficiency service to retrieve your rightfully assets.

Selling your debt

Based on our continuous fast efficiency process of recovering debts, and successfully collecting debts in which other collectors can’t, we are confident to take on debts that other debt collectors might have probably given up hope on. If you have lost faith in recovering the debt in which have taken you a long while but yet to recover, you may feel free to approach us to sell off your debt to us to recover. We are confident in collecting debts successfully and that is why we also buy your debt to recover.


We buy debts based on the following conditions

  1. It is a Business / Corporate account related debt
  2. The debt has not gone through any disputes
  3. The debt is not more than three (3) years old
  4. The debtor/ directors of the company has not filed for bankruptcy, company is not under liquidation
  5. The debt has to be a Singapore based debt and that the debtor is located in Singapore.