Licensed Debt Recovery Services

Vantage Debt Recovery (Pte. Ltd.) is one of Singapore's leading debt recovery companies. With a team of motivated and professionally trained debt recovery specialists, we provide our clients with a personalized and tailored-made solution to all their debt-related problems while strictly adhering to all relevant Singapore legislation and regulation. Our services are extremely affordable and promise an unparalleled recovery rate.

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FREE No Obligation Debt Assessment

We provide a FREE, no-obligations assessment with regards to your debt problem and from there, we will share with you on our past experiences and also an analysis of how we will resolve the issue for you and also to successfully recover your monies.

We will require at least one* relevant document to support that the debtor is indebted to the outstanding amount

-Corporate Debt – Invoices, Statement of accounts, etc.

-Personal Debt - Written IOUS, Cheque / TT --Transaction Proof etc.

-Debtor’s company Bizfile that clearly states Reg No & the list of directors & shareholders.

-The correct name, address and telephone number of the debtor

-Name of the debtor's spouse, if applicable

-Debtor's and/or spouse's occupation or last known occupation

-Names of relatives, friends, neighbours and references

-Date of last transaction, order or payment

-Mobile phone, fax, e-mail address

-Summary of any disputes

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We're here to help you recover your debt

We use tactical negotiation rather than an aggressive method to recover your bad debts and we provide a no-obligations assessment of your debt issues and also providing customized reports promptly to keep our clients on the status updates of their debt recovering analysis.